This is me, Modjgan Eickhoff-Goudarzi

My heart resides in a skillet. Cooking is my calling. By founding my business in 2008, I answered the calling and fulfilled my life’s ambition.


…the new girl on the block.

For years I was a bold “hobby cook.” I participated in and won myriad cooking competitions such as the Koch-Olymp (Cooking Olympics) from Stern and the Cooking Cup from Elle Bistro. I also made several TV appearances including Kocharena (Cooking Arena) on VOX and Küchenschlacht and Lanz kocht (Food Fight and Lanz Cooks) on ZDF. It was time for me to whip up my own business.

For their inspiration and experience I want to extend my gratitude to my mentors, friends and supporters: Martin Scharff, Schloss Heidelberg, Thomas Walkensteiner, Schloss Fuschl, Dieter Müller MS Europa, Christopher Wilbrandt, Zur Post, Odenthal and Werner Langbauer, Gourmet Vital.

Mrs. Gaumenrausch has been a guest cook at ChefHeads Sternschnuppern cooking events  since 2011, including the Berlinale International Film Festival. She supports the charity Kinderherz e.V. (Child’s Heart Foundation).

Gaumenrausch now specializes in “Spices on Demand”.